• Signature cuisine for events

    The Convent of Blanes

The signature gastronomy Jubany Events brings to the Convent of Blanes is the essence of traditional Catalan cuisine, reinterpreting it with innovation and working on the explosion of the senses from the dining experience.
We work on innovative dishes that retain the classic essence, are excitingly presented and that always display customised detail to make each event distinct.
Nandu Jubany is an unconditional lover of cuisine and a point of reference for high-end Catalan gastronomy. Connected to this profession from childhood, his restaurant Can Jubany, in the district of Osona, was awarded a star on the Michelin Guide in 1998.
A gastronomic off that strikes a balance between traditional cooking and quality, modern and brilliant cuisine, complexity and subtlety. Under the chef’s direction, fresh, seasonal and local produce from the vegetable garden are transferred to the plate, with reinvented recipes.


The gastronomy Nandu Jubany proposed at the Convent of Blanes reaffirms age-old culinary traditions in an entirely modern format. Based on traditional Catalan cuisine, it unites the classic flavours and values with an amazing and modern presentation that follows and marks the latest culinary trends.

Here, you will find a gastronomic offer that achieves the balance between a traditional quality cuisine and on that is modern and brilliant one, between complexity and subtlety. The secret of Jubany’s team is a profound knowledge of popular recipes and a love of their gastronomic origins. Our recipes, full of classic formulations and modern approaches, renounce nothing.