This past weekend we celebrated the open day of the Convent, welcoming all those who are considering it as their wedding venue to see it in person.

Almost 200 people visited our new venue so they could discover each and every one of its charming spots nestled by the sea.

Newly-engaged couples enjoyed a stroll around our recently renovated space. The improvement works carried out involved renovating the kitchen, bathrooms, creating a new marquee and constructing a new terrace area by the sea.

The decoration of the Convent has also been renewed with some romantic elements in the style of Marie Antoinette, such as the bathtubs that are used to support the kitchen when it is time to cook the sardines on “the spit” and other foods.

Visitors were invited to taste some of our appetizers made with the essence of the sea.

Thank you to everyone who paid us a visit! We hope to see you soon to celebrate your big day!